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QMA, Mini-QMA and HPQN

In accordance with the standards of Quick Lock 3.0, the Quick Lock Forum has released the QMA, Mini-QMA and HPQN series of connectors.

dot1 Product Benefits

High Performance
QMA, Mini-QMA and HPQN are the first Quick Lock solutions that can match the electronic performance of the SMA and type N connectors.

dot2 Waterproof
Our QMA, Mini-QMA and HPQN connector designs include an O-ring that provides a complete waterproof seal (IP68).

dot2 Economical
Our elegantly simple design and a careful selection of raw materials have resulted in the most cost effective manufacturing prices available.

dot2 Standard Features
QMA, Mini-QMA and HPQN possess all other standard features of 2nd Generation QMA and QN connectors: this includes 10x faster installation, greater density, and 360º rotation after mating.

dot1 Function Demo

function demo
Function Demo PDF file download

dot1 General Specifications

dot2 QMA General Specification [PDF]
dot2 Mini-QMA General Specification [PDF]
dot2 HPQN General Specification [PDF]

dot1 Test Report

QMA VSWR Test Report (DC-18GHz)I
dot2 QMA VSWR Test Report (DC-18GHz)II

HPQN test report coming soon...