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The Quick Lock Forum was established by Anoison Electronics as a platform for sharing with the RF Industry its findings during the course of extensive research into quick locking connectors. It is our aim to collaborate with other RF connector manufacturers as well as customers in order to create a foundation for open and uniform Quick Lock RF connector interfaces.

From the beginning, Anoison has focused itself toward this goal. But firm in the belief that today's connectors that have a threaded interface all perform exceedingly well, we knew that the key to ushering in a new generation of quick lock connectors to replace them was dependent on the development of a locking mechanism whose basic principles could be applied to each connector series in turn and still maintain the structural parameters and performance of the originals. Furthermore, from an environmental standpoint, we were committed to cutting down on the amount of metals and plastics necessary for the production of these new connectors.

With this in mind, our engineering team, led by R&D director James Qu*, labored for two years in an effort to discover a snap-on coupling mechanism that would satisfy these requirements. They were finally successful. Their innovative design achieves all the standard benefits quick lock mating has over a threaded interface, while at the same time is able to preserve the performance capabilities of the original - creating a whole new standard for quick lock connectors. We are confident that this locking mechanism design represent the industry's new benchmark for quick lock connectors, and we are also more than willing to share it with the rest of the industry.

As a means to this end, The Quick Lock Forum is an open platform that welcomes all quality manufacturers to join us in producing these new connectors for applications in the datacom/telecom, automotive, instrumentation (test/measurement and medicine) aerospace and defense markets, so the market can benefit from a uniform interface and excellent performance.

QUICK LOCK FORUM----------Creative & Open

* Anoison RF Team Director: James Qu

James Qu has almost forty years experience as an Engineer in the RF Connector Industry. In 1972, he became one of the earliest designers of CNC lathe technology when he developed a principal axis motion type CNC lathe for use in processing RF connector parts. Beginning in 1978, he assumed the role of director in a government factory that supplied the aerospace and defense industries, where he was in charge of RF connector development and manufacturing. Then, in 1992, he joined Tyco-AMP (China) where he would work in technology management for more than ten years, during which time he also became the director of product development.

Upon his retirement from Tyco, James Qu's love for RF and Microwave technology and his passion for invention led him to Anoison Electronics, where he assembled a brilliant engineering team that has since gone on to develop the next generation of Quick Lock SMA & Type N connector designs: QMA, Mini-QMA and HPQN.